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Command & Control

CCOMM’s expertise allows us to provide both IT and AV demand consulting to deliver the most effective solution for your command or operations center.


Command & Control

CCOMM has secured partnerships with the best-in-class global manufacturers of visualization for command and control environments with superior design and functionality built to meet the needs of your demanding operations center. The bottom line: if you are investing in a vital business nerve center requiring reliable visualization, intelligent networking, effective design and a best practices approach to integration, we can help.

The Power of Vast Data Sources

Key elements of command and control environments include virtually unlimited data sources, plus the ability to easily and quickly display, share and make decisions based on that data. Our portfolio of solutions provide the scalability and range of capabilities needed to complete even the most demanding operations. Security considerations are also part of our design and consulting approach when building a networked command and control solution. The technology available today, which has met the security needs of the US and Canadian governments, can be built to address your organization’s requirements.

Complex Functions With Simple Controls

High efficiency Command and Control Centers (C&C), Network Operations Centers (NOC) and Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) ultimately rely on simple command interfaces and intelligently designed software controlling the video and data sources. We work with industry leading specialists to develop solutions that provide multi-touch or traditional Windows-based interfaces, drag-and-drop useability, dynamic or snap-to windowing, configurable and pre-set modes to operate your environment easily.

Network Segregation With Selective Access

Do you have separate control pods, rooms or environments running on the same network with a need for secure segregation yet some selective access? We can help you with this challenge, ensuring your entire command operations ecosystem is built according to your strict policies and operating requirements.

Operating Management Tools

Centralized management and support of your control center assets for campus, regional and global enterprises are equally important considerations and our solutions can address these needs in full.

Deeper Collaboration and Better Decisions

Today’s C&C environments have the advantage of enabling true collaboration on the data they receive, leading to timely decisions on their information with the necessary personnel, wherever they may be. The integrated systems we provide allow for ease of sharing and conferencing using video in ways that were much more cumbersome only a few years ago. We help our customers leverage these powerful capabilities when building out this critical infrastructure.

Displays to Match Your Needs

Popular options in control room display technology include:

  • Rear-Projection walls
  • Front-Projection walls
  • LCD video matrix walls
  • LED video walls with narrow pixel pitch
  • Laser video walls

Extensive size and configuration options exist for each of these display technologies, which offer the highest screen resolutions available on the market today.


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