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Visualization 2D & 3D

Our experience in designing and implementing premium visualization environments is unparalleled, and where we truly set ourselves apart.


2D/3D Visualization

Visualization is a video technique for displaying images and diagrams in high resolution to communicate a message or show content with high-resolution detail, and collaborate between teams.

Making Visualization Possible…and Perfect

Previously a very costly technology requiring high-end mainframe computing, Visualization is now affordable and possible on many workstations. CCOMM provides video solutions to bring the high resolutions of these workstations to pixel-perfect images on projected or LCD panel displays. Our philosophy is to integrate the technology and build the correct room layout, furniture, and environment to enable the technology to perform to the highest standards, and thus protect any investment in technology.

3D Options Now More Affordable

3D technology is also an emerging and affordable option. With stereo video technologies, we can provide the best solutions to create feature-rich virtual environments. This helps all users to understand the visual model your organization is using to make decisions. When the right decisions are made, companies can save money and speed past their competitors.

  • Active 3D – displays images at a rate of 60 frames per second, alternating between the left and right eye. The LCD shutter glasses are synchronized with the projected image via an external IR or by using DLP link.
  • Passive 3D – uses simpler glasses and presents images to each eye by altering the appearance of the left/right eye with polarized or Infitec filters. Images are presented to each eye continuously and not sequentially.

Collaborating to Make Better Decisions

The next key part in any visualization system is a collaboration engine. This allows users to share high-resolution content they can annotate and use to make decisions with teams around the globe. CCOMM provides a consistent approach to user operation that can be deployed and supported though our global installation and support network anywhere there is a need.


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