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Intelligent Workplace

Go green! Consult with us to implement smart systems for improvement in efficiency of your core building operations.

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Intelligent Buildings

CCOMM brings smart technology into corporate and industrial building projects, and provides the power to control almost everything in the office. Smart technologies like Crestron and AMX allow us to monitor and manage energy efficiencies that deliver cost savings to business. This also helps boost corporate social responsibility, and enhance an organization’s “green” savings.

Need-Specific Technology

We take pride in working with clients individually, recognizing their unique expectations and ensuring that they each get a solution matched to their needs. From specific smart building certification to more general energy efficiency reuirements, we can help.

Integration With Your Core Operations

Intelligent buildings also involve the integration of the technology that provides easy access to resources. Technology that works properly and provides a level of reporting and accountability enables managers to review investments and plan future technology enhancements across the organization.

Our intelligent designs can control the following types of technology:

  • Lighting
  • Locks and Security systems
  • Heating and Cooling systems
  • Building-wide public address and voice evacuation systems
  • Digital signage, including video wall technologies
  • Meeting room audio-visual technology
  • Telepresence and video conferencing
  • Meeting room booking systems

Smart Systems and Remote Access

Control and operation of these spaces is made easy through Bring Your own Device (BYoD) technology, our smart control systems can allow the user to interact with personal computers, tablets and smart phones. Managers, support staff and building operators can use remote technology to manage and assist users with technology issues remotely and save on productivity time.

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