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Managed Services


Managed Services

The meeting or training environment is as business critical as email communications or telephony services. Managing enterprise video conferencing systems with hundreds of rooms and in multiple geographic locations is more challenging than ever as organizations work to reduce support teams and do more with less. The need for video to allow effective interaction between business units, and the requirement to share information during these meetings, is also heightening the importance of your meeting rooms.

Fitting The Solution to Your Needs

Organizations around the world rely on CCOMM to provide customized solutions that address the challenges in their environments. There is no such thing as “one size fits all”. From network infrastructure to business culture, every company has unique requirements. CCOMM can identify the most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver these services to every organization.

Service Types

We can provide fully managed remote, fully managed on-site, or a hybrid service to provide the flexibility you need for different types of rooms.


  • Remote Operations Center – provides a central single point approach for end-user interaction. With ticketing and call logging services, we can report back to your management team with the information on every call.
  • Remote troubleshooting – can be enabled in a variety of ways via such accesses as ISDN or IP, with security and responsiveness top-of-mind. This service will help free up your teams to focus on what they do best.
  • Concierge services – can provide a technician via video to work through any problems, or monitor the call remotely and act on any issues that  arise.


We can deliver proactive, full-time and part-time expertise designed to maximize the value of your initial investment. Our on-site engineer technician can be part of any managed service:

  • Providing professional on-site support to facilitate a meeting room sustainability program
  • Augmenting your lifecycle program, and consistently delivering optimal operating standards and system availability


We can build managed service contracts to deliver the service level agreement (SLA) and scope your business requires. Contact us to discuss where we can provide the support you have been missing.