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CCOMM has a wealth of experience in delivering critical video communications and collaboration solutions for the financial sector.


Financial Industry

Environments where timely information can be displayed easily are increasingly important, especially in volatile times. Financial institutions, for example, rely on audio-visual technology to facilitate the flow of information in real time to all areas of the business. CCOMM has extensive experience in this sector and can deploy technology to ensure any financial organization is at the leading edge.

HD and Beyond

Meeting spaces require higher resolution displays than ever, and High Definition is now just the starting point. As technology evangelists, CCOMM personnel can introduce you to technology that meets the specific needs of financial institutions. That includes audio-visual solutions providing information on crystal-clear displays to people that need to see it in seconds, regardless of whether they are at head office, the branch, or on the road. The latest technology in audio, video and data communications are designed and configured to ensure clear and responsive content delivery mechanisms are in place.

Technology to Foster Client Relationships

Never before have global financial markets been under such scrutiny or exposed to such volatility, increasing the criticality of keeping trading partners and clients close. In this era of new finance, when “instant generation” customers are highly valued and financial products and services are innovative and expertly managed, communications technology plays a vital role.

Audio and Video Tailored to Trading

The trading floor is another fast-paced environment requiring the latest in audio and video delivery systems. Our solutions provide high quality and highly available content delivery mechanisms to ensure fast accurate information is distributed between traders when they need it.
Imagine being able to receive the content you need on whichever device you prefer at that time, whether you are on the floor, in a meeting or on the road. And then as you return to your regular work activities you can revert your displays to the tools you need. Having this kind of immediate access and simplified workflows makes a tremendous difference to your access to current data, productivity and ability to make decisions.

Integrated With Your Existing Technology

CCOMM provides global design and deployment of services. Using video technology and the latest in live communication tools, we provide the integration components to ensure ease of use, consistent design and readily available support.

We’re Here To Help

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