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What is your particular corporate challenge? We have helped overcome many video & collaboration issues within some of the largest and most reputable companies in the world.


Corporate Industry

Our respected solutions architects and certified project management personnel have in-depth experience meeting the many challenges faced by corporations and industries with reliable, scalable leading edge solutions.

What is Your Corporate Challenge?

  • Are you moving offices, expanding your working space, or upgrading your office environment?
  • Are you frustrated with the lackluster field service and support you are receiving on your A/V systems?
  • Are you losing days in your work week holed up in airports, flying from one district office to another?
  • Is your staff affected by meeting spaces that are either inappropriately sized, poorly designed or inaccessible?
  • Are your communications tools out of date?
  • Are your up-and-coming employees, or your customers, demanding more accessibility to your internal experts?
  • Is training throughout your organization a burden, crippled by a limited ability to reach your workforce?

The Solutions Start Here

Maybe you have a corporate boardroom project that must not fail, or a need to integrate Lync into your meeting rooms. Perhaps you would like to maximize your cloud-based video conferencing, or have a loose direction and require a roadmap for your enterprise to effectively integrate the right video collaboration technologies into your organization. CCOMM is the partner you are looking for.

Ask About a Customized Approach

From the beginning, our customers have been asking us to provide solutions that fit their need. In many cases these have not been off-the-shelf solutions, but customized to meet specific needs. We have built a unique skill set employing creativity and technical mastery to complete highly successful projects. We challenge you to challenge us.   Contact CCOMM to understand how our technologies can meet the needs of your business.