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One of our principal industries both in Canada and around the world, we work extensively with the unique demands of the oil & energy business.


Energy Industry

CCOMM has built a legacy of successful implementations with energy sector companies around the world. Our partnerships are committed to the advancement of systems, tools and technologies that are particularly suited to meet the needs of energy-based businesses.

Advanced Tools For Technologists

Our direct work with engineers, geologists and geophysicists enables us to deliver analysis and decision environments which provide extremely high-resolution visuals, allow for interaction and manipulation of in-house data at native resolution and then intuitively collaborate with local or remote resources on that information.

Scalable to Needs of All Sizes

Whether your organization requires a small video communications and data sharing room for the corporate or field office, or whether you need a large team collaborative work environment (CWE) or multi-purpose space, we have the expertise to meet your requirements.

Keeping Communication Flowing During Times of Change

Mergers and acquisitions can result in a hybrid communications infrastructure, and completing upgrades can require significant time and capital. Our video collaboration solutions create an introduction to next generation tools while ensuring your diverse end-points can continue to connect, interact and share data, regardless of the device, system or location.

Solutions that Maintain Critical Services

Regulatory compliance may mean you need access to your data in real time, in multiple locations, while communicating with key stakeholders. Our video collaboration and command and control solutions can help you meet those demands, while our managed services portfolio can ensure this vital infrastructure is functioning to deliver the service level agreement (SLA) your business dictates.


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