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News - Feb 10, 2016 - By admin

Direct View LED in the Boardroom?

Yes, as direct view LED walls continue to make their presence known we see them turning up in more and more interesting places. For a product traditionally found outdoors or on signage viewed from a great distance, is it really time to see these walls popping up in corporate boardrooms?


One factor is the reduced pixel pitch which is benefitting from a commendable amount of attention by manufacturers. With pitches of 1.2 and development already achieving sub-1.0mm, you can more easily accommodate these walls in standard sized boardrooms with shorter viewing distances of 1m or less. One of our partners shared that one of their first implementations of low pixel pitch LED display technology was in an executive boardroom.


Furthermore, Cyviz was showcasing their CDC and processing system at ISE 2016 in just such a format. You can read more about their setup here.


These displays are stunningly brilliant and laugh in the face of well-lit, heavily windowed boardrooms which, admirably, sometimes have breathtaking views but have traditionally been terrible environments for large projected screens. The tile system means there are no bezels or size limitations, so you can build a screen size that is almost limitless and is perfectly suited to the room and the content the owners wish to present.


Gone are the concerns of fading images over time, as it’s likely the directors and their eventual replacements will all have long retired before the wall will need replacement. Barring new technologies of course.


Because individual tiles can be serviced and replaced the concern of swapping out entire large format LCD’s or replacing projectors due to complete failure is sufficiently addressed. There are some excellent front-serviceable models out on the market, allowing you to install your wall flush with no need to access the back. This opens up many attractive installation options.


If you would like to learn more about direct view LED for your commercial applications, boardrooms or even for traditional signage use-cases please reach out to us today.

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