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News - Aug 8, 2016 - By admin

Control Room Experts

CCOMM technicians were recently back up in northern Alberta installing another control room environment as part of a large scale project deployment. These control centres are critical hubs of information providing operators with the tools to maintain operational efficiency, safety and provide vital analytical data to an organization. Today there are extraordinary ways to leverage technology to achieve the operational mandate. To implement the most effective control centre design, teams need to consider the integration of many communication and data access and sharing approaches. CCOMM, a true technology integration company, has the experience designing and installing many such environments and have certified technicians trained around the world to ensure projects are delivered to meet established standards and follow best practices implementation.




Critical business operations aside, with more and more social, safety and climate events affecting our communities and our working lives there is an increase in the need for well planned central operating centres. Whether it’s an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), Security Operations Centre (SOC), Integrated Operations Centre (IOC), or Command and Control (CC) facility, Facility and Operations planners are going to want to consult a proven technical team who can provide optimal guidance and expertise in the planning, implementation and support phases of these projects.


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